The One with Creating


The windchill makes it feel like single digits outside, but it’s cozy in my little apartment, and between watching Midnight in Paris and my friend painting at the kitchen table, I feel positively inspired.  I also want to move to Paris right this instant, but that’s probably just because I’ve been trapped inside for so long.  Learning French seems like something I’m not interested in, and I don’t think I know enough about wine or cheese to really belong there.


And anyhow, I’m left with inspiration and I just want to wander a big romantic city with my camera and a croissant and maybe even a sketchbook.  But instead, I’ll take this urge to create and capture some images of my ever-growing puppy, and string together a few sentences for this little space of internet.  While I’m no Hemingway, I aim to keep my words true, my prose from meandering, and this here blog full of puppy pictures.  That, my friends, is what life is all about.



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