The One with Flurries

Our highest predicted temperature for the next ten days is a sweltering 37 degrees, and between the wind chill and teeth chattering, the question must be asked – what is the point of cold without snow?

My question was heard, and today we got a nice dusting!  The flurries tapered off after lunch, but that didn’t stop Joe from bringing a gaggle of high school guys down during free period to play in the snow with Luna.  She’s a crazy snow fool, by the way.  I guess we were waiting to see how she would react to her first significant amount of snow, and while she was hesitant at first, she’s now a snow maniac – running, jumping, sliding, and eating chunks of snow.


Now we’re thawing out with snuggles and FRIENDS, and will belly up to a crockpot full of Chicken Parmesan Soup here in a little while.  And until the snow goes away and my semester begins, I’ll be embroidering all of our photos (tutorial here), rearranging the furniture (why does everything look so bare without a Christmas tree?), and soaking up all of the puppy love I can get.  Plus or minus some gym time and a hundred cups of hot tea.


And an extra special shoutout to my model husband.  I’ve got this fancy camera to learn how to use, and only two subjects to play with.  Thanks for the tolerance, and for being so handsome 😉



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