The One at the End of the Year


On this very last day of two thousand fourteen, we snuggled and walked and spent time with lovely friends.  And really, what a perfect way to sum up our year.  This one has been good in so many ways – both Joe and I have jobs we love, we feel settled in our community here, and we welcomed Luna into our family.  There were certainly challenges (side-eye towards Luna), but we’ve weathered them well, and are all the better for it.

What I loved most about 2014 is that we finally felt like ourselves.  We escaped 2013 only by the skin of our teeth, but this year came so naturally to us.  We hit our married stride, we made and lost friends (ebb and flow, people, it’s only natural), we celebrated the big moments (puppies! anniversaries!) and small ones (first time eating crabs! learning to start a fire!).  The laughter outweighed the heartache by a million miles.

And now 2015 is on our doorstep, waiting for us to beckon her in.  While bidding farewell to 2014 seems bittersweet, we will go boldly with hope, for 2015 just might be our best year yet.


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