The One After October

It’s been two weeks since the Write 31 Days challenge ended, and while I’ve had a few inspired moments, I just haven’t feel the pull to put words to them quite yet.

Things I’m thinking about – my 25 in 25 progress ((that hot air balloon might be the death of me)); whether professional manicures are worthwhile ((my cuticles say yes, but my wallet says no)); hazards associated with old radiators ((like whether or not they might kill me in my sleep)); and if we’re being honest, mostly I’m thinking about being in South Carolina for the holidays.

Things I’m thankful for – a healthy, slightly chubby puppy; an exceptionally great community of friends; banana nut bread candles; that I have time to give freely to people and causes I care about; lots of coffee dates ((or hot tea dates, in my case)); books that make me cry, laugh, and think; my incredibly handsome bearded husband.

This upcoming season is an exciting one and is sure to be challenging.  The cold weather makes me nostalgic for Denmark, and the snow makes me downright giddy.  But as the days grow shorter and my hermit tendencies try to take over, I’m working hard to say yes to more good things, and to make as many Christmas cookies as I possibly can.

But first, chex mix.  And an obligatory puppy photo.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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