31 Days of Restoration // Day 31

October is nearly finished, and another 31 days challenge is under my belt.


Things I’ve learned:

writing daily is hard (except I’m certain I already knew that)

taking time out of each day to feed the soul, via words or thoughts or prayers, is incredibly soothing and immensely rewarding

carving out this special time is difficult

puppies are great and hard and fun all at once

so is loving most people


Things I will continue to work on:

writing consistently (it was touch and go for a while)

being intentional in how I spend my time, mostly just being more generous with it

choosing things that bring joy and peace to myself and others


So there you have it.  31 Days of Restoration.  I feel restored, challenged, fresh, and ready for this upcoming crazy holiday season.  Bring on the chex mix and extended family.


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