31 Days of Restoration // Day 30

Joe and I have been a part of this group from church that gets together every Wednesday to talk about the bible and life and how the two are connected.  While we were discussing a story from Genesis last night (specifically where Abraham is commanded to sacrifice his son), we talked about what it would be like to lose the things we hold dearest.  For me, it would be my people.  Joe, my family, my friends.  I’m horrified at the very thought of being without them.  And it’s not so much the physical sense of loneliness I would feel in their absence, but the lack of love and emotional support they provide on an everyday basis.  And wow, this can be such a dark thought to dwell on, but really the whole point is this – outside of the love of Christ, I have the love of some really spectacular humans.  It’s the love of Christ that gives me purpose and life, but the love of my husband, my family, and my friends gives me joy and peace, and it’s their lavish and messy love that makes me who I am.  


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