31 Days of Restoration // Day 27

Our mornings with Luna are an ever-changing thing.

When we first got her, she needed our full attention every single second. After a few weeks, once we got the hang of everything, we could actually begin multitask our mornings. And now, after just a little bit of initial play, Luna is ready to go back to sleep (I agree, 5:45 is rough). So now, Luna fights an internal battle each morning. On one oversized puppy paw, she has her desire to please us and be near us, something she’s bred to do. And on the other paw, she has the personal puppy need or desire for more sleep. And so there’s whining and moping as she struggles to compromise between the two – pleasing her people, or following her own needs. And well, there’s just something really human and relatable there. I would love more than anything to follow my loved ones around and just be next to them all of the time. But I also need space and room to grow. Finding a balance between the two is difficult at best, and hair-pulling impossible at times.

I think that the moral of the story is that there is no moral, and you have to write your own story. That, and other humans and puppies are fighting a similar battle, so you’re never really alone.

Thanks, my darling Luna, for the inspiration.

IMG_5049-0.JPG miss you already, blue puppy eyes.


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