31 Days of Restoration // Day 21

Flashback to my sophomore year at Wofford:

Every morning. Wake up at 6:30. Bible, prayer, quiet time until 7. Gym until 8. Get ready and be in class by 9:30. Study, rest, repeat.

My days were full of class, labs, young life, friends, and various campus organizations, but every single day I had time to myself carved out already. For me, the most restorative time I can schedule into my day is time with my bible and my journal. It grounds me and provides so much peace. A close second for self-care time is a good workout. Those days, it came in the form of a free and convenient on campus gym. These days it looks like going on a run with Luna, which actually looks like running half a mile, walking a few steps, greeting strangers, stopping to get a crunchy leaf, then running some more.

The point being: schedule some time in your days where you can think, process, meditate, whatever. Be intentional about caring for yourself, and you’ll be all sorts of thankful. Or in my case, you’ll at least have a tired puppy.


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