31 Days of Restoration // Day 11

Another day, another haphazard collection of mildly interesting links… only joking! Instead of more words, we’ve got a few articles and items from around the web that I felt inspired or interested by.  And somehow completely unrelated to restoration, except for maybe the first and the last.


The Hidden History of the Kaufmann House – we live so close to Wright’s work for the Kaufmann’s – Fallingwater.  We’ll just have to pay a visit sometime soon.  And then maybe a trip out to Palm Springs to glance at this beauty from afar.

This chicken and broccoli rice casserole looks too good to be true, but if we’re being honest, I hate cooking rice.  Maybe if I had a rice cooker, I’d be okay with it?  But for now someone should just buy me this pizza stone instead.

7 Marriage Truths You Will Not Hear in Church was an interesting article, and was published on our second anniversary!

I’ve been thinking more and more about camera needs lately, with this photography list especially, but for now, computer needs sort of trump camera needs, whomp whomp.

And finally, this Ode to Emotional Support just feels so right.  A lot of these words feel like my own, and I can especially relate during a time where busyness is surrounding us, and a new puppy makes quality time a little stressful.


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