31 Days of Restoration // Day 10

We had a pretty dry summer overall, but for the next couple of weeks the forecast is just rain, rain, rain.  I personally love gray days, since so many of them remind me of Copenhagen.  And sometimes I think that my ideal day would be a rainy one, cuddled up inside with a good book, some hot tea, and fuzzy socks.

Rainy days tend to make people stay inside, for obvious reasons, but they also inspire a certain introspective mood – one where you can really process things or, if you let yourself, dwell on the darker stuff.  I think it’s fair to say that everyone has their share of gray days (whether rainy outside or not), and that restoring our own light, sunshine, whatever, can be difficult sometimes.  Some folks can pull themselves out by their own bootstraps, while others need a boost, from a good friend or from proper counseling and treatment.  And with the dark and rainy season ahead of us (winter is coming…) let’s be reminded of a few truths:

that it’s okay to have rainy days, to need other people, to ask for help.

and, even more important, we are not without hope.



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