31 Days of Restoration // Day 6

Aside from the snuggles and joy and laughs, a new puppy also comes with a high demand for grace.  Potty training is a rough business, and on any given day either looks promising or abysmal.  What never changes, though, is that we have to forgive Luna immediately after she has a little accident, no matter how inconvenient.  It sounds easy, to forgive the tiny cute animal who doesn’t know any better, but when it happens for the fourth or fifth time that day, it gets much more difficult.

I imagine grace sort of looks like this a lot.  And as humans, giving heaps on heaps of grace is at times more difficult than others.  But still this remains – we are given grace without limit, and so we must also give grace without limit.

That, and when in doubt, take the puppy out.


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