31 Days of Restoration // Day 3

Well, I figure if we’re all going to survive these thirty-one days, we might need a few breaks/distractions so things don’t get too stagnant. I could probably (and just might) rewrite the same ideas over and over, so instead, let’s have a roundup of some interesting content from the World Wide Web.

Target is debuting two new collaboratjons, with Faribault and TOMS, both of which look very promising (and just might appear under our Christmas tree).

If you haven’t heard the hype about these water bottles yet, it’s all true. Cold stuff stays cold for 24 hours, and hot stuff stays warm for 12. My ice cubes stick around overnight, which was weird at first but now is just plain awesome.

This book on sale at Barnes & Noble is a sure favorite around these parts, and is the base of a book study I’m doing with some church gals.

These goodies look too good to be true, and I will definitely be making a batch this weekend!

As a Madewell customer and fan, I found this article very interesting.

I read this article from BBC Magazine and was really impressed with the medium and the concept behind Postive Negatives and the art they create while giving voice to those silenced.

Happy weekend, dear friends. See if you can’t find some restoration in the midst of errands and ESPN.


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