The One with a Note

I’ve had the same white macbook since I was a freshman in college, and the hard drive space is scarce these days.  In my efforts to clean out some unused documents, I came across a note that Joe wrote to me about six months into dating.  The note itself was actually pretty long, for my man of few words, and was quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve read all year.  The number of “baby’s” and exclamation points nearly had me in tears.  I actually snorted out loud.  Gosh, to be young and dumb and in love.

And because I aim to please, this is a friendly reminder that I convinced Joe it would be a good idea for us to keep a blog together while we were first engaged and I was in Denmark.  You can find that masterpiece here.  It’s not too terrible, save for the typos, accidental post in 2012, and all of the waxing poetic.  Although, I’m kind of patting myself on the back for that faith statement, because it’s actually pretty solid.

Hope this brings some laughter to your Monday (if not a few eye-rolls).


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