The One with All the Yogurt

It took three whole trips to Trader Joe’s over a span of three days to finally get the right yogurt.  I only ask for two simple things from my yogurt:  that it be Greek and vanilla.  First, I overlooked the Greek part.  Then, Joe overlooked the vanilla part.  Finally, today, I brought home Greek yogurt that was not plain.  The dog days of summer are really getting to us over here, people.  And it’s not even that warm here, so go figure.

We had a super lovely time with Joe’s parents last weekend, and over the next three weeks we have:  my brother visiting, a wedding to be in, and three family birthdays.  Plus the part where we have to move everything we own into a new (currently unfinished) apartment and we have yet to pack a single darn thing.  This just might be the actual calm before the storm.  But things are actually pretty solid over here.  We are sure-footed and excited, eager to see what comes next.

I had a sweet little Panera break with some church ladies yesterday (try the Kaitlin Palmer:  half lemonade, half green tea, and thank me later) and we schemed and talked and I volunteered as tribute.  So here we are now, and I am so looking forward to jumping back into ministry, participation, organizing other humans, whatever you want to call it.  I worried there for a while, when I felt my heart tugging and asking me to do more, and I didn’t feel ready or even willing to try to do hard things again because the last time I stepped into ministry (if this is what we’re calling it) things were just so tough.  But the obvious answer is of course this:

God can make beautiful things out of dust.

That truth, and so many others, remind me that I don’t have to be ready or perfect or even pretend to be – I am being made ready by a Savior whose grace will never fail me.


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