The One in August

Twenty-four years ago today, my handsome husband was born (shout out to his super hot mama for bringing him into this world!).

I’ve heard that you really know love when bringing someone else joy makes you happy, and that’s so true here.  This whole week has been so much fun with all of the birthday festivities, and I’m positively thrilled to see Joe so loved and celebrated.  If showing up was a love language, it would definitely be my biggest one, and it means so much to me to see people show up and really be there for my guy.

And hey, it’s a good week to be Joe!  Baked goods through our ears (but really, waking up at 5 AM for homemade cinnamon rolls will always be worth it), duckpin bowling, special camp lunches, all of his favorite meals (plus, order number 1 at Five Guys!), and most of his favorite people.


Some of the many ((crazy)) faces of the birthday fella!

A very special thanks to the folks who love my husband well and are such a great source of friendship and encouragement.  You guys rock!

Happy birthday, my darling Joe!



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