The One without a Balloon

The best laid schemes of mice and men, often go awry.

The weekend before our anniversary, I had planned the perfect day trip to Charlottesville.  It involved waking up at 2:15 AM to make the drive, but was followed with a sunrise hot air balloon ride, a farmer’s market, peach cider doughnuts, our favorite local sandwiches, an afternoon at a vineyard, and dinner where we celebrated all of our Charlottesville triumphs.  And what should have been an epic day together quickly went downhill when, after three hours of driving before dawn, our hot air balloon ride was cancelled.  We mindlessly drove the familiar streets before stumbling towards breakfast and a meltdown at the orchard.  We gave ourselves pep talks and salvaged what we could of the day before heading home for take out and an early bedtime, followed later that week with a lovely dinner and walk through Little Italy.  All in all, a solid 6 out of 10 for our second anniversary.

What made celebrating our anniversary worthwhile was this – that there is literally no other human being on this earth that I would rather be with, on the joyful evenings and on the slightly miserable mornings.  It’s also worth noting that my ideal day in Charlottesville technically doesn’t exist, and that our home really belongs in Baltimore.

So while I may not have the key to a perfect anniversary, I’ve learned that the most joy can be found in loving who you’re with and where you are.  ((and that Towson really needs to up their sandwich game, because it’s been over a week and we’re still talking about those sammies from Cville…))


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