The One with Two Years

I thought I loved him somewhere around March of 2009.

I knew that I loved him in June of 2010.

I pledged to love him forever in July of 2012.

Two years later, I love him even more.


Loving Joe was always a surprise to me.  When we first met, he was so magnetic and full of energy that I wasn’t quite sure we’d last.  I naively thought that the puppy love would fizzle just as quickly as it had started, except that it never really did.  What happened instead is we became best friends.

And while falling in love with Joe was the best decision I’ve ever made, it pales in comparison to the love I have for him today.  The real beauty I’ve discovered over the past two years of marriage is this – that we’re so far from perfect, and yet every day we become better at loving each other.  That we choose each other, as equals and partners, and we bravely walk through life hand-in-hand.  We dream together, we restore each other, we share all things, serving each other and our fellow humanity.  We cherish and respect each other, comfort and encourage each other.  And I’m so very glad that it’s him.


My darling Joe, happy second anniversary.  I love you because you are mine, and I love you because I am yours.



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