The One with Heels

So!  Let’s do a two-weeks-worth round up of all things awkward and awesome, shall we?


  • attempting to break in new heels (for a wedding I’m in, shopping-fast approved) and totally wiping out in front of actual people and completely skinning/bruising my right knee
  • starting summer school tomorrow and not having an entire lesson plan yet – not to worry, I’ve got plenty of planning time tomorrow, and to be honest, my best work gets done in huge chunks right before deadlines
  • the embarrassing amount of Arrested Development we’ve watched this week – we’re seriously considering naming our dog Maeby – which might fall into the “awesome” category, right?
  • Joe’s reaction to my tinted eyebrows – they were an adjustment, but we’ve all made our peace with them as they slowly fade back to blonde


  • we’re officially moving to another spot in Baltimore (unofficially to a rent-free space that sort of looks like a frat house on the campus of Joe’s school)
  • my papa bear is finally coming to Baltimore to visit this weekend, and I’ve got a million things for us to do/see/eat (dad – be sure to pack your walking shoes and fat pants!)
  • getting to hold my newest baby cousin while visiting family in West Virginia with momma bear, plus us girls tore up Annapolis while she was here
  • taking a DC day trip with the tall husband last week to hit up a few museums and get some fresh scenery and a glimpse of the cruel humid summer ahead of us (we almost melted and were definitely dehydrated)


That’s all we’ve been up to lately.  Well, that and watching every. single. game. of the World Cup.


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