The One in Delaware

If there ever was a perfect way to kick off summer, we established it last Saturday.

We were up with the birds (obviously), met up with our very chipper friends, and hopped in the car for an adventurous day at the beach.  It took around three hours, but we made our way to Delaware, settled in at Dewey beach, and had ourselves a positively lovely afternoon napping and playing in the sun.  That was it.  It was simple and easy and everyone had a great time.  On our drive home, we stopped at a magical creamery for what might be the world’s best birthday cake ice cream (see below), and as I walked towards the picnic table where my friends were sitting in that perfect late afternoon light, my hear just soared – these are my people, and I’m just so darn lucky.  

This summer is going to be a good one, I can feel it in my bones.

image (8)


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