The One The Day After Sunday

So apparently I already had a post titled “The One With The Mondays”.  Go figure.

Today has been just sort of crippling.  One thing after another and I feel entirely defeated.  Perhaps the only redeeming quality about today is that I just pulled  a pan of cheddar bay biscuits out of the oven and they look sort of perfect.  But other than that, it’s just the pits.  I have no guaranteed teaching position in the fall, one of my students emailed me to say she’s not coming to class anymore, a friend date got cancelled again, and a dinner was cancelled twenty minutes after I bought enough groceries to feed an army.  These things in and of themselves aren’t particularly the worst, but one after the other totally kicked me around today, and I’m just beat.  It was like a rude reminder that I don’t really belong here in Maryland, that maybe I’m not always wanted.

Here’s the thing though, and there’s always a thing.  Mondays happen.  Like, every six days.  But there are other days and they don’t have to be so hard.  Yesterday I had a great afternoon Broadway date with my tall husband.  And New Girl is on tomorrow, so that’s promising.  And even when I feel like wallowing, there are things like hope and joy that keep me moving.  Because there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.  There is no amount of anxiety or self-pity that God has not conquered.  When I choose to live in that truth, my beast of a Monday doesn’t seem quite so bad after all.



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