The One without Two Exams

This week, you guys.  It’s been so hard fought and just generally frustrating.

I just finished giving my first exam, and two whole students had the audacity to not show up.  Since when did exams become optional, is what I want to know.  And now I’m left brainstorming just how cruelly this will affect their grade.  With it being the week of an exam, the students have been extra sassy and super extra needy, and it’s exhausting, you know?

But in bigger and better news – my darling dearest Sarah is making her way to me this weekend!  And oh, the margaritas and city streets I have planned for us!

For your perusing pleasure:

This article has received quite a bit of buzz, and I sort of feel like I could write a variation of it myself.  End point (with which I agree):  mission trips change the people who go, and that’s all good and well, but the $1700 I spent on a flight to Gaborone could have much better served that community than my feeble attempt at charades and Bible lessons for three weeks.

This scholarship fund for my family friends – are those three blondes the cutest, or what?

This article on oil-pulling popped up in my blog-feed a few weeks ago, and after reading about it, I went for it.  If you have twenty minutes to spare in the mornings, give it a whirl.  I like oil-pulling, but don’t have the time for it on a daily basis, as I have to really concentrate on swishing for the whole 20 minutes, and anything that I can’t multi-task in the AM gets nixed.

My mom asked the other day if I was packed for my cruise, and the short answer is no, but the long answer is that I know exactly what I will pack and which items I need to snag before we leave in three weeks.  So far, these favorites will be my main staples for our week on the deep blue sea.

2014-02-211shortssandalsteewedgeslip balmdress.

That’s all, folks.  Enjoy your weekend!


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