The One for Love

On this Valentine’s Day, and on every day, know that you are loved, and know that you are enough.

Being loved well is a true and perfect gift, given to me by the truckload from my friends, my family, and my husband.  Loving others well is a true and perfect calling, one given to me by a gracious God.  As I grow older, I gain the capacity to love really well, and so with each passing year, I become more and more who I was created to be: a follower of God and a lover of his children.

Learning to love the nooks and crannies of an individual soul is perhaps the most trying challenge I’ll ever face, and is also the most rewarding.  I like to think that marriage, my marriage, is a union of two souls, bound in friendship, sealed in romance, and tied to the nuances of human existence.  It is both beautiful and difficult, sweet and demanding, the perfect yin and yang.  My person, my husband, is my pièce de résistance when it comes to my purpose of loving well.  My darling Joe – I love you for you are and who you will be.  I love that you love me well and I love the safety I feel in your arms.  I love you because I am yours, and I love you because you are mine.


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