The One with Two Jobs

Just three months ago I’m pretty sure I could’ve written a post titled “The One with No Jobs”.

And here we are, because patience and genius cover letters and confidence in a God who provides.  A little confidence in myself didn’t hurt either, because really I’m so shocked sometimes to think that I’m that girl who did nothing but study chemistry for five years, but hey!  That was me!  And people actually/finally hired me to do stuff and teach stuff, so there!

You’re looking at (reading words from) a laboratory chemist and an adjunct chemistry professor.  And really, things are busy.  I work and I write syllabi and I pretend like I know how to write lesson plans and I avoid grocery shopping for a whole week.  (That last one mostly because it took me six solid days to get over my polar-vortex-induced-cold).

I’m thankful for friends who fly across several states to come see me.  I’m thankful for a family who celebrates with me.  I’m thankful for gainful employment.  I’m thankful for a husband who doesn’t complain even once about having to eat applesauce for breakfast three days in a row because we are out. of. everything.  Except this afternoon, I finally traded my sick lady leggings for big girl pants and went to Wegman’s.  I accidentally bought an extra package of bacon and I’m not even mad about it.

And tomorrow, I’ll be thankful for a safely arrived best buddy and her plus-one (well, two if you count that giant rock he just put on her finger!).


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