The One with 2013

People!  The year is practically over, and I’m not quite sure how that happened.

Christmas in South Carolina was good, and our family time continues the rest of this week with a trip to New Jersey.

This past year has been hard fought, and we’ve worked really hard to get where we are now.  We survived our first year of marriage and I graduated with my Master’s degree.  We moved to a new state and started new jobs.  We made new friends and we finally found a church we enjoy.  We gained a family member or four (Rayna Leigh was born!  And it’s looking like my dad is off the market).  I ran over 200 miles this year, and my very first race.  Joe coached two high school sports teams and graded hundreds of papers.  We finally hit our married stride, or something that looks a lot like that.

And best of 2013 pictures!  Because, duh.

DSCN5197It snowed in Charlottesville and we built a Kait-sized snowman.

DSCN5234We witnessed some March Madness firsthand in Philly.

DSCN5382Sarah came to Charlottesville and I forgot how to keep my eyes open for pictures.  Chad and his breakfast-casserole-stealing-self not pictured.IMG_1310I logged some serious miles on these gorgeous trails in Charlottesville.

IMG_0023These peeps came to visit me and check out Thomas Jefferson’s crib.IMG_0847_2

My Danish sweetheart met me in New York City!  And I missed the Danish chatter so so much.  And just this gal in general.


I donated my hair, ten whole inches!

DSCN5710I went on a rad roadtrip to Boston (with stops in NYC, Providence, and New Haven).

IMG_1070_2I ran my first race (a trail run, with snakes and mud and stuff!) with these dudes.  And then I got sun poisoning, the tanlines from which remain six months later.

DSCN5863We spent a week in the Florida Keys with rest of the Bailey crew.

IMG_1443This stud and I celebrated our first year of marriage!

DSCN6423We were reunited with Lisa in Baltimore, the BBQ festival being the first of so many good things.

IMG_1687We walked around the Inner Harbor.  A lot.  Like, every single Saturday in September.


Amanda came to celebrate September birthdays with crabcakes and chardonnay.

IMG_2074This guy found his way into our living room, and can rock a scarf like no other.

IMG_2099Momma bear visited and witnessed the glory that is my polka dot wall and Pitango gelato.

IMG_2087I started my smoothie addiction, which went from five-day challenge to full-blown commitment.

IMG_2291We did some serious apple picking in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

IMG_2262We drove to Wofford for Homecoming 2013, with Lisa as our back-up copilot!

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetWe celebrated our second annual Friendsgiving, hosted by my lovely mother.

IMG_2530We decorated this tiny tree (after we drove it up from South Carolina).

IMG_2563This dude threw snowballs at me.  And we still haven’t had to turn on our heat.

There’s a lot to be thankful for this year.  But perhaps the biggest change is that last NYE was spent with old friends, and this NYE will be spent with new ones.  And that’s pretty beautiful right there.  So cheers to new friends, new places, and new habits in 2014.


One thought on “The One with 2013

  1. Kaitlin!!
    Ahhh hi old roomie:) 🙂
    I loved reading a recap of your 2013! You had a lovely year:)
    Can you email me your address?! I STILL have your Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book (I am so embarrassed) and I want to mail it to you!

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