The One with Too Many Cookies

We’re up to our ears in christmas cookies over here, and that’s even after I gave away 6 dozen.

Blog 1217

But, there are way worse problems to be had, like why my car wouldn’t start on a random Thursday.  It turns out that a terminal on my battery was loose, a free(!) and easy fix.  What wasn’t easy was being stranded twice during that day, once completely blocking my friend Nikki in her very own driveway.  (my bad, Nik.)  But I needn’t have worried, because she was gracious and kind, and along with Sarah helped me get my car up and running, after a good two hours of driving around town and delaying schedules.  See, I can talk about how hard it is to need people emotionally, and it’s true and valid, and a huge reflection of other themes in my life (like how not wanting to need grace from people stems from not wanting to need grace from God.  you know, that kind of lighthearted realization).  But needing people in a physical way was an immediately humbling thing.  I had work to get to, and errands to run, and I was stranded and rendered helpless.  Only I wasn’t alone.  I had friends who were happy to help.

It reminded me of how good things are here – that I have friends to help me in the middle of a Thursday.  Charlottesville was hard for a lot of reasons, but mostly because the friend scene was pretty bare, especially coming straight from our Wofford community.  Not to say I didn’t have friends there, because I never would have survived without margaritas with Marissa, long lunches with Catrina, and especially dinner and New Girl with Trish and Corinne.  But those small glimpses of community are magnified for us here in Baltimore.  We’ve got people, finally, for the first real time since college.  It’s glorious.  And they’re wonderful and full of grace and ideas for how to start cars in the snow.  They also give you amazing cookbooks for Christmas and are good for talking about Ruth and life even after a long day of work.  I have people here, and that’s even more delicious than my white chocolate cranberry beastly boy cookies.  And people, those are good cookies.

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*Totally pictured but not relevant:  Isn’t this the most inspirational photo you’ve seen all day?  Swoon.  This guy.  Kills me every time

**Not pictured:  the snow cream Joe and I made last week, that he specifically photographed so I could “blog about it”.  Sorry for accidentally deleting those, and thus depriving you of the photographic magic.

***and cookie links: snowball cookies, beastly boys are my own recipe, and I’m taking it to my grave (#sorrynotsorry), dulce de leche thumbprint cookiespuppy chow cookies (adapted to be gluten-free), mexican chocolate cookies (also gluten-free!)


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