The One with Cabin Fever

We’re semi-snowed in over here, surviving only on netflix, clementines, and string cheese.  It’s nice until the restless leg syndrome kicks in, then a wii sports resort break is in order.

Our week in South Carolina looked a lot like this:

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetthis:IMG_2515and a little bit of this:IMG_2521And our last week has looked like a Saturday afternoon of this:IMG_2540thirty minutes of this:IMG_2563an evening composing this masterpiece:IMG_2573and about two hours of snowflake and garland making for this:IMG_2572

Brought to you by a grainy iPhone lens and artificial light sources.  And maybe a new excuse for an upgrade come January.

It’s the time of year when we’re all supposed to focus on cookies and gratitude.  I’ve been on board with cookies since day one (okay, maybe day one of year three of my life).  But the thankfulness thing has been hard fought this year.  At thanksgiving, I just wasn’t feeling all that thankful.  Blasphemous, I know, but true nonetheless.  What I’m mostly feeling is anxious.  I’m anxious about my new job.  I’m anxious about new family dynamics that have suddenly entered my world (and to be clear here – more people to love is never a burden – a shock, certainly, but a welcomed one).  I’m anxious about the snow that’s coming tomorrow and threatening to keep us inside for a third day.  I’m anxious about the cat dream I had, because I’m almost certain that the tall husband will come home with a cat one day and I’ll actually love it even though I am not a cat person.  I’m anxious about a lot of things, and lately, that has clouded my ability to be really thankful and in the moment.

So here’s to realizing that, and to also recognizing that I have too many blessings to count.  I have a husband who loves me well, and a family who does the same.  I can skip going to the grocery store for a week, knowing that my pantry is full enough to sustain us and even provide the ingredients for impluse brown sugar cookies.  I have found a community of inspiring women that invest in me here in Baltimore.  I have a roof over my head that is so warm and well insulated that we haven’t had to turn on the heat yet this winter.  I have more pairs of socks than my cold feet will ever need to stay warm.  I have a God who has given this all to me, on top of offering his son as a sacrifice for my sin.  I have every reason to be thankful.  My selfish heart so often thinks otherwise, but with perspective, prayer, and the occasional reality check, I can remember to have a thankful and gracious heart.


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