The One with a Marathon

Don’t let my title deceive you, I have no intentions of running a marathon.  Yesterday I only ran 2.5 miles.  It’s not that I don’t think it’s worth it or great discipline in training, I just have no desire to run that far.  My kind of marathon is what BBC America has going on for the next four days – one of the Dr. Who variety.  Because, David Tennant’s hair, is why.

In the meantime, I made these chocolate oatmeal cookie bars yesterday, and I’m wondering if they can count as breakfast.  I mean, whole wheat flour and coconut oil count for something, am I right?  Also, pictures from the last three weekends!  Because I’m fairly awful at remembering to upload them in a timely manner.  DSCN6585

This guy.  That grin.  Annapolis, MD.DSCN6598

sweater (similar).  denim.  necklace (similar).  tote.  sunnies.


Alstede Farms, NJ


jacket (similar).  sweater (similar).  pants.  wellies. bag (similar)


Loch Raven Reservoir, MD


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