The One with Cookies

Baking during the holidays is my jam.  I’m terrible at snow sports, and can’t carry a decent tune, but give me some sugar and butter, and that’s where the magic happens.  I’ve fallen in love again with cookies, after a torrid affair with ice cream during my college years.  And now I want to bake all. the. cookies.

My mom has always made at least half a dozen different types of cookies each holiday, mostly because no one can agree on a favorite, and also because that’s what Mildred did.  My memories of her are few, but deeply ingrained in me is the desire to feed my people, and I’d like to think I got that from her.

My personal favorite cookie changed from year to year, but more often than not, it landed on my mom’s m&m cookies – crispy and perfect and chocolatey.  When I ask Joe what his favorite cookie is, he immediately responds with Mexican wedding cookies.  I mean, bland taste-buds aside, the man knows what he likes.

What I want to do this year is find my perfect holiday cookie – the one people know me for, the one that pleases everyone, and the one that stands alone.  It must do two things:  1) please my husband and 2) be special.  Now, pleasing Joe isn’t super hard, just avoid dark chocolate and most nuts.  I’m not a nut-fan in cookies, so that’s fine by me.  But making it a special one is hard.  I have a pretty perfect chocolate chip recipe, but that’s a year-round thing.  I want my holiday cookies to be just for the holidays.  This is a pretty tall order, but if any baked good could handle it, it’s surely the hardworking and underrated cookie.  I’m playing around with ideas of browned butter, and memories of Natty’s beastly boys from Frontier Ranch.  Here are some of my jumping-off points, and any cookie wisdom you might share would be much appreciated!

Kevin & Amanda Secret Ingredient Christmas Cookie

The Pioneer Woman Favorite Christmas Cookie

Trisha Yearwood White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie


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