Glorious Morning Thirty-One

The end of 31 days is here!  To celebrate (or commemorate, whichever), let’s make a listy list of 31 things from or about this month, shall we?

1)  we went to Wofford for Homecoming, how glorious!

2)  we ate at two of our favorite places in all of Sparkle City – Converse Deli and Monsoon

3)  I had a big girl interview and signed with a recruiting agency

4)  we bought three pumpkins and I gave the orange one away (sorry Joe)

5)  I baked from scratch like it was my job – three different batches of cookies

6)  we made homemade pizza every week this month

7)  Joe led his freshman-sophomore soccer team to two victories, and a good end of season

8)  I started buying Christmas presents already (sorry not sorry)

9)  we spent a relaxing weekend in New Jersey with Joe’s parents

10)  we made it through a corn maze in only thirty minutes, in the dark

11)  we made our first (spontaneous) trip to Annapolis

12)  we didn’t go to church at all (this was an accident)

13)  I had a coffee or lunch date every week with some pretty cool chicks

14)  Joe forgot to wear his fitbit for at least five days out of the last 31

15)  my generous loving momma bought me a flight to go visit her (next week!!!)

16)  we stayed well under our grocery budget for the month

17)  we forgot our compassion child’s birthday

18)  I logged over 26 miles this month – a first for this slow runner

19)  we didn’t visit the inner harbor, something we did just about every weekend in September

20)  I pet a horse up close, first time ever

21)  I picked apples twice

22)  we watched the whole fourth season of Parks and Rec

23)  I fell in and out of love with (it’s a long story about Hunter boots)

24)  I only blow-dried my hair three times (and my follicles are thanking me)

25)  I finally busted out my boots and scarves

26)  we met and had dinner with a Wofford connection from the admissions office

27)  we paid fifty dollars total in toll roads

28)  we celebrated being married for fifteen months

29)  I became convinced that the water in Baltimore is bad for my skin

30)  we got to play with two of our three favorite doggies – next month, Hershey, next month

31)  I blogged every single morning.  It was pretty great, and surprisingly, I’m not out of words yet.  This was a nice exercise in discipline, and proof that one month challenges are much more manageable than one year challenges (re- me not doing yoga more than one time this entire year, except that I totally meant to and I put it on my goals list for 2013).  I’m going to experiment with some monthly goals, and keep you posted (not in an every day kind of way, because that’s overkill, man).  I’m thinking November will be my month of breakfast.  I have a whole day to meditate on that.  And a brunch that I’m running late to right now (how appropriate).

It’s been glorious, dear friends.  Thanks for sticking around.


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