Glorious Morning Twenty-Nine

Yesterday was good.  I got to talk on the phone with four of my favorite people ever, and I even got around to going on a run and making some homemade granola bars (recipe here – The Pioneer Woman just gets me).  And because mother-daughter time is so precious, my generous momma-bear is flying me home next week for some much needed chill time/retail therapy.  It’s funny that I so quickly call South Carolina home when I haven’t lived there in fifteen months, but honestly, it just might always feel like home.  Baltimore doesn’t.  The drivers are too crazy and every time we come back after a few days away, my skin breaks out like crazy.  The hard water alone is reason enough not to call this place home, if you ask me.  That and the lack of good ice cream places.  What’s with all of the custard and snow balls?  It’s disturbing, I tell ya.  It’s certainly not all bad, but home it is not.

And in case you don’t follow The College Prepster, there is a Kate Spade Surprise Sale today and tomorrow.  I’m having serious bag envy right about now.


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