Glorious Morning Twenty-Five

The week is almost at an end, and we’re getting ready to head to New Jersey this afternoon to spend some time with Joe’s family!  We’re darn excited, especially since we haven’t been up to visit them since May, when my host family was in NYC.  Of course when I say ‘we’re getting ready’ I mean that I am baking cookies, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens (no one wants to come home to a dirty place), doing laundry, and packing.  Joe is taking out the trash.  But that’s sort of how it goes, I guess.

We haven’t had the air on for a couple of weeks, and it’s finally getting to the point where it’s nice and chilly in the mornings.  Being too warm is one of my least favorite things, so I am wholeheartedly embracing these cool mornings, pulling the comforter up over my head and staying snug.  If you’re ever wondering what the secret to a cozy bed is, it starts with a down mattress pad, organic cotton fitted sheet and pillow cases, and a big fluffy down comforter with a soft cotton duvet cover.  No top sheet.  Those things are the worst.  Also no quilts.  Or throw pillows.  And don’t you dare make the bed.  It should be messy and inviting at all times.  I’d recommend Pottery Barn and Ikea for linens.

I’d also recommend making those cookies I posted about last week.  This may or may not be the third time I’ve baked them in the last two weeks (all in the name of being a coach’s wife).


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