Glorious Morning Twenty-Three

I had a lunch date with a new friend at Chipotle yesterday, so naturally I arrived half an hour early and at the wrong Chipotle.  ((to the surprise of no one))  Note to self – Timonium and Hunt Valley, while both northwest of Towson, are not the same thing.

While I walked around the outdoor shopping center that houses Chipotle and Wegman’s, my final destination of the day, it was lightly sprinkling.  And like a fool, I was grinning ear to ear.  It’s finally that weather – a little gray, light rain, slightly chilly.  And by that weather I mean weather that is ever-so-slightly reminiscent of Copenhagen.  It positively makes my heart soar.

Plus, a friend and fellow DIS alumna posted this article on Facebook this morning, further increasing my homesickness for that place.  I jokingly call it my homeland, and while I’m fairly certain there is not an ounce of Danish blood in my family tree, I felt such a sense of belonging there.  The cold, gray weather suited me just fine.  DSCN0085


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