Glorious Morning Twenty

It’s Sunday!  And I’m being thoroughly distracted by Netflix and new episodes of Parks and Rec, and even more distracted by the idea of the upcoming holiday season.  After a celebratory dinner last Thursday for Joe’s last home soccer game (and a win!), we wandered through Crate & Barrel, which is decked out in full gear for the Christmas season.  It felt a little sinful, to be looking at all of the reds and greens and golds when Halloween isn’t even here yet.  But I can’t unsee it all, and now I’m mentally ready for Christmas.  Which always makes me long for the streets of Copenhagen, because nobody over-celebrates the season quite like Danes.  The street decorations, the food, the parties, and the markets.  So this year, no shame in over-celebrating.  I’m giving myself, and everyone else, permission to start getting excited.  The best season – one of celebration and togetherness and cookies, is near.  And if you’re low on holiday inspiration, stop by your local Crate & Barrel.  You won’t be sorry ((but your wallet might)).


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