Glorious Morning Sixteen

I woke up yesterday with six tiny bug bites on my face. This morning while saying goodbye to Joe bright and early, I noticed a few more. And so naturally, I stripped the bed and covered our room in Lysol. Soon to be followed by a few more rounds of Lysol and washing every linen in the house.

So now I’m wide awake and completely paranoid, just wrapped up on the couch with a vanilla candle and the today show.

I was also thinking about a monthly challenge in discipline, and I think it might be best to not map out a big plan for the next twelve months, that seems sort of daunting. What I will do instead is decide on the next months theme just a few weeks ahead of time.

And thanks to some lady in Rockefeller Plaza , I now know that’s it’s National Feral Cat Day. So there’s that.


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