Glorious Morning Fifteen

Well, we’re halfway through October and I can hardly believe it.  I realized there were some crunchy leaves underfoot yesterday and was sort of shocked.  It feels like fall sneaks up on me every year.

Part of this 31 Days challenge, and something I hope to make a theme in the coming year, is discipline.  Getting up and writing every single day.  Making a conscious effort to choose something that doesn’t come automatically.  There’s also the thought that every month is a chance for us to change something, to make a choice and be consistent in that something for that entire month.  It doesn’t just have to be in October.  What if this 31 days thing went into November, December, and the new year?  Over the next day or so, I will be brainstorming about things I’d like to be more disciplined in, and how to spread them out until the next October.  This might be a pretty cool experiment, and hopefully a lesson in obedience.


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