Glorious Morning Fourteen

We’re back in Baltimore after a long day of driving and goodbyes. The air has a chill, and the ground is sprinkled with a few crunchy leaves. We like this place, our lives, these new people. But my heart misses my other people, the ones we ate brunch with and celebrated our marriage with. The people we graduated with and the ones we stayed up late laughing with. I just want to gather them all in the same place and just be. And really, I can’t ever do that. Except on a random Sunday in October, when I can lure them over with promises of my mom’s waffles. And isn’t that sort of magical, that a meal can bring us together like that? It’s amazing what food can do for us, that it not only nourishes but it brings us together and makes conversations. We’re entering the season of big meals – Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I love these smaller, spontaneous meals that have us making our way over to someone’s house on a lazy weekend morning, ready for hugs and food and company.

A meal shared with friends is holy ground. Amen and amen.


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