Glorious Morning Thirteen

Homecoming was glorious. We ate at two of our favorite spots in Sparkle City, and we got to catch up with sweet friends who live far away. We ate, drank, and were merry.

When talking with a friend in preparation for homecoming, she mentioned how she only wanted to see her close people and not put on the preface of being glad to see people we really don’t keep in touch with. And, I totally see how that’s valid. But ((and this is a big but)) it’s just so encouraging to talk to people who have known you for years. I got to hear from a friend and former classmate who is doing so well in her marriage and in graduate school. I got to speak to my organic professor about living in Baltimore. Some dude I only knew in passing told Amanda and I that he loved us. I got to hug so many sweet people. And my heart is just so full. So yes, I won’t see or actively keep in touch with most of these people. Until next year at homecoming. And then the next year and the next year. Which makes driving twenty hours this weekend totally worth it.



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