Glorious Morning Ten

During my second year at Wofford, I participated in a networking workshop called the sophomore experience.  We learned what business casual meant and how to have a firm handshake.  Probably the biggest thing I took away from that experience was my results from the strengths test.

Developer.  Belief.  Positivity.  Learner.  Connectedness.

These five strengths I wrote on a sticky note and left attached to my laptop for two years until it finally fell off.  They were a constant reminder of strength.  Yesterday, I had an interview with a recruiting agency here in Baltimore, and as I was preparing for the interview, I reviewed my strengths.  It was an exercise in preparation, but it was also a pretty nice confidence boost.  I’m good at stuff!  I have strengths!  During my interview, when asked about my weakness, I did the sneaky wording so that it was really a strength in disguise (*insert evil cackle*).  The rest of the interview went very well, and I was relieved to have that anxiety over with, but it was really nice to remind or reintroduce myself to my own strengths.  Maybe I had forgotten for a little while.

There’s a great sort of empowerment that comes from knowing oneself.  If you’re looking for a confidence boost today, read through your resume (and if it’s not updated, you should consider doing so), or revisit your strengths.  Hey, if you’ve got a couple of hours, here’s the test I took – Strengths Quest.  Then pat yourself on the back for being so awesome.


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