Glorious Morning Nine


Every morning is a fresh start.  I start my day full of grace and hope for what will be.  The sins and sorrows of yesterday are wiped clean.  This is beauty and grace, extended to me by a perfect Savior.  The challenge on my part is to accept it all.  I so easily keep score of my wrongs, and it’s hard to let them all go when a new day begins.  And shoot, it’s almost just as difficult to offer the same gracious fresh starts to others.  But I’m given grace when I don’t deserve it, and because of that am in no place to begrudge the same to others.  Mornings are a reminder of this – that I am imperfect, but I am also whole and free.  And because I am whole and free, I can love others well, to share grace when it’s easy and especially when it’s hard.  Mornings remind me that every person is lovely because they are loved.


((and next time you’re in Rome, make a stop at Campo Cestio))



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