Glorious Morning Eight

Blog 108Well, yesterday I had planned on a weekend recap… but then I forgot.  So a weekend recap on Tuesday it is!

1)  I hesitate to throw the word ‘migraine’ out there, because I’m just not sure it was that bad, but on Friday I had an all-day headache that I babied with my oversized sweater and our very dark living room.  (Backstory – one summer I lived with a friend who suffered from chronic migraines, so I never really feel like I’m experiencing anything that severe)

2)  See the contrast here?  The tanlines are getting really great around this place, a side effect of coaching.  I’m always amazed at people who can brown so easily.  But not jealous, because in forty years I’ll have the skin of a forty-five year old.  At least, that’s the plan.

3)  I started my Saturday with a great tennis date with Lisa.  It was a lot of fun, I’m definitely learning and getting better, it’s just a process.  The challenge used to be just making contact with the ball, and now it’s keeping proper form and getting topspin, and that’s a whole other ball game (pun intended).

4)  Saturday evening, Lisa’s gracious parents hosted a fall party in their lovely backyard.  The food was wonderful, complete with some really great turkish dishes and my true love – s’mores.  And of course, Lisa’s mom wouldn’t hear of anyone leaving without a heaping tray of leftovers.  So thanks to Lisa’s parents, we had dinner Saturday and Sunday night, hah!

5)  We had the best laid plans to go apple picking Sunday, until it was almost ninety degrees.  We made the executive decision to visit the local cider mill to snag our beloved cider doughnuts, and Joe picked up a tiny little jug of apple cider for the road.

6)  While at the cider mill, we also snagged a few pumpkins!  I don’t think we got a pumpkin last year, and I can’t really remember why, but we made up for it with three whole pumpkins this year.  One white, one orange, and one light green.  The weird looking pumpkins are my favorite, and I think Phoebe would feel the same way (based on how she feels about Christmas trees).


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