Glorious Morning Seven

Yesterday we visited a new church and met some new people.  And when I’m in that type of situation (which I am all the time), it’s always interesting to read people’s reactions.


1)  “We’ve been married a little over a year” … Faces say – “Oh, really?  You don’t look a day over 18.”  Mouths say – “Oh, that’s nice.”

2)  “We moved here from Charlottesville, where Kait got her Master’s in chemistry”… Faces say – “Wow, chemistry, she must have no soul, but at least Charlottesville is cute.”  Mouths say – “Wow, you must be smart.  But Charlottesville is great, my cousin lives there.”

3)  “We’re from South Carolina.” … Faces say – “Well that explains the tall guy, but where’s the short girl from again?”  Mouths say – ” That’s nice.  We’ve done a family vacation to Myrtle Beach.”


We probably get number 1 the most from the elderly, especially the nuns who live below us.  Number 2 is weird, mostly because I don’t know how to respond to that.  I usually just ignore it and start gabbing about Charlottesville.  And number 3 is just funny.  Multiple people have told me that I don’t sound like I’m from South Carolina, and I’m not totally sure how to respond to that one either.  And, like anyone from elsewhere in the state, I cringe at Myrtle Beach being a solo impression of South Carolina.  Oh, Dirty Myrtle.



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