Glorious Morning Five

Well, hey!  It’s our first guest-free weekend in over a month, and we’re celebrating by being lazy.  You know, in between our commitments to football, tennis, and barbecues.  And to celebrate this ever-so-lovely and hopefully last stint of summer weather, let’s have some links, shall we?

This post by Annapolis & Company – Well shoot.  Did Mary Beth take a look into my very own soul while writing this?  So well written, such a great glimpse of a life lived well and for the Lord, and definitely what I needed to read yesterday.  (in case you can’t tell from my last few lists of links, Annapolis & Company is quickly becoming a favorite read).

Completed Sagrada Familia – This video gave me chills and hope.  Any trip of mine to Barcelona will be postponed until 2026, because that completed version is stunning.  And I’m no Gaudí expert, but that’s a pretty cohesive look.  It’s times like these when I wonder why Americans are content to worship in such hideous buildings.

This chunky cardigan – This cardigan spoke to me from a random back hanger by the fitting rooms.  It sneakily bridges the gap between the housecoat to lounge in and the cardigan to throw on with jeans and boots for a bonfire.  I like things that can multitask.

Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Toast – I’ve posted this before, but it’s what we’re having for breakfast on this semi-lazy Saturday, so it’s still relevant.  And so delicious.  Scroll down to the very very bottom for the actual recipe.  And then start stalking the Pioneer Woman’s site for more recipes because you will be obsessed.


2 thoughts on “Glorious Morning Five

  1. I am so glad to hear the Lord uses the weak things of this world to speak to people. You are such a dear for not only reading A & C, but passing it on to people. Enjoy Maryland for me!!! I love it there.

    • Thanks Mary Beth for your encouragement! We are loving Maryland, and hope to make it over to Annapolis in a few weekends (not sure if that’s where your blog title is inspired from, but we’ve heard great things!)

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