The One with the Mondays

Today has been a real bad case of the Mondays.  It’s a day for poor grammar and running when you don’t feel like it and throwing sneakers at a bug on the blinds.  Ever have one of those days?

Because I’m American, on days like today I pull myself up by my bootstraps, because ‘Merica and being strong, that’s why.  My bootstrap-pulling looks a lot like being a student – time at a cafe with great music and lemonade and my laptop.  Typing away.  Being both productive and unproductive outside of my square apartment walls.  Free cookies and changes of scenery always perk me up.  And because Mondays are just hard sometimes, I figured I’d share the love with things I’m inspired by or have enjoyed reading.  So help yourself, and shake off your Monday.

The True Story of a Seven Year Marriage – this is great on a lot of levels, and mostly because at one point (or five) this could be about Joe and I.

The Everyday Project – Editing with VSCO – if you’ve spent any amount of time with me in the past few weeks, or follow me on instagram, you’ve noticed some new editing/filter action going on.  If you use your iPhone for pictures, do yourself a favor and check out The Everyday Project from Annapolis & Company.  Then thank me later.

Motherhood Mondays: Sleeping in Denmark – love this fun article, and yes, babies stay in their snuggly prams outside, even in the winter!

Charcoal Baseball Cap – this cap is going to be my casual go-to all fall.  So go snag you one.

Woven Blanket – I’m fiercely loyal to my multi-colored t-shirt quilt, but it might be time to upgrade to a blanket that’s a little easier on the eyes, and more grown-up all around.

Oversized Sweater – you’re going to want to wear this baby all fall (and it’s solid-colored twin).  Bring your teacher/student ID and get 15% off in-store.

Ankle Boots – if you hesitated on this trend last fall, it’s darn time to pull the trigger.  I tried on these babies a few weeks ago and have been stalking them ever since.  I own a couple pairs of Kork Ease shoes and can totally vouch for the all-day comfort.

Cheesy Chicken Orzo – don’t be confused by the site title, there’s nothing diet about this.  It’s easy and delicious and Joe and I have been eating it at least every other week.

Green Smoothie Challenge – I’ve been skeptical of green smoothies from day one, but it turns out that there’s a reason they have been trending for months and months – they’re darn delicious.  Today I went for banana, spinach, kale, peanut butter, yogurt, and dark chocolate chips.  And I didn’t hate it.

That’s all, folks.  I’m off to watch high school soccer.  The coach is real cute.


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