The One with Paddle Boats

Since we’ve moved to Baltimore, I’ve spent every Saturday wandering through the Inner Harbor with different friends and family members.

The same streets, same photo opportunities, same public restrooms.  Are you sick of it yet?  No?  Okay good, me either.  I love the uneven harbor streets, and the new secrets we uncover each trip.  And shoot, I just like getting to know this new city and showing off the clean parts to our guests.  The guests are the best part, really and truly.  I’m all too aware that the tide of guests will come to an abrupt end in a few weeks, and that our little apartment will soon be filled with their absence.

But in the meantime, aquarium visits!  And dragon paddle boats!  Put Joe and his dad in the same room and it’s a never-ending supply of corny jokes and sports references.  Weekends here are a good, good thing.

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