The One with Stars

Well.  I begged the tall husband to go get me a colored pen from the kitchen so I didn’t have to leave the coziness of my comforter.  “Any color,” I said.  And by ‘any color’ I meant ‘not the turquoise one I’ve been writing with for a month’.  But the man knows me.  And he brought me the turquoise pen.

Fall is here.  And even though my jeans make me overheat, I’m committed to wearing them through the end of the year.  I’m in it for the long haul.  This past week, the switch on my internal cuckoo clock went off and declared that I bake all the things.  Cinnamon bread for new sort-of neighbors.  Chocolate chip cookies for high school soccer boys.  Avalanche bars just because.  And life lessons learned here – newly moved people don’t require fancy baking.  Really.  From a box is cool.  As long as it doesn’t require the use of their own unpacked dishes.  Also – offering cookies to 13 & 14 year old boys who don’t know you is weird.  It’s even weirder if you’re wearing a baseball cap.  (Which are in for the fall, just as a PSA, in case you don’t follow The College Prepster).

Last night I looked up and saw stars.  My first stars in Baltimore and my first stars in a long, long while.  Windy Gap is my favorite star-gazing spot, and I haven’t been there in a solid few years.  I hope I learn to slow down and look at the stars more – that this season of life is conducive to not only soul-searching but also to the lovely acts of star-gazing and day-dreaming.  Astrochemistry sucked some fun out of the stars for a while, but I think it’s time they got their magic twinkle back.


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