The One with Twenty-three


Well, hey!  I’m twenty-three!

Birthdays are fun, and being celebrated feels awesome.  I woke up before the sun to open presents, Joe conjured up a cake after work, we ate breakfast for dinner, and enjoyed the company of a few friends.  It was a pretty solid day.  Minus the tears.  Because there’s always a few tears when you realize (melodramatically) that it’s been three years since your best friend was with you on your birthday and it’s been five years since all of your parents were with you on your birthday *end pity party*.

And my darling dearest Amanda was with me this weekend!  We ate crabcakes!  We shopped all day!  We talked all night!  It was all lovely things piled on top of lovely things.


I officially decided that twenty-three will be a year of intention – that I will pursue friendships, become a part of a community, stop feeling obligated to things I don’t care for, and ultimately choose things that bring joy and are worthy of my time and focus.  I also want to treat myself better – to give myself more grace, to eat a well-rounded breakfast, to give myself the alone time that’s necessary for me to recharge, and to enjoy running more.  I hope that twenty-three will be a combination of  being good to others and being good to myself.  After a wonderful weekend with Amanda, I’m thinking I kicked off twenty-three pretty well.  And with extra helpings of cake.


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