The One where Momma Bear Comes to Town

Or, The One where Momma Bear Comes to Towson (get it?  because Towson and town are so close in spelling?).

Well, my mom and Johnny came to visit this last weekend and it was glor-i-ous.  It was partly so she could lay eyes on where I live (an quit making worried noises over the phone every time I tell her I’m going into the city) and partly so she could smell me.  Because moms have been sniffing their babies since day one, and apparently don’t stop needing to when the babies are almost twenty-three.  We ate crab cakes, drank chardonnay, shopped, and walked.  Those four things are pretty high on my favorites list.

Blog 99 b

We had so much fun just being together that we forgot to photograph most moments.  We got a few good tourist shots, but really we were just too focused on time well spent.  I keep feeling a push to document our lives, because where we are right now is so fleeting, and I’m starting to think that life will always be like this – we won’t be newlyweds forever, we won’t live in Baltimore forever, and down the road we won’t have a little puppy forever, or be first-time homeowners forever.  I want to capture the beauty in our temporary selves.  But sometimes it’s good to put aside the camera, iPhone, etc and just be.  So we did.  And it was pretty great.

Blog 99 a

And now I’m getting ready for our next house guest and fellow September baby, my dear friend and author of a wonderful blog (find her at Hello Amanda Phillips).  It’s a very exciting week, with my birthday in three days, Amanda’s arrival, and two new bible studies starting this week (too much?  probably, but I want to shop around before I choose).  My super strict husband won’t let me have a single present until my actual birthday, which is pretty lame right now, but I will appreciate this on Thursday.  Last year, he was only working part time, and intercepted all of my birthday cards straight from the mail and hid them from me.  This year, yours truly picks up the mail and it is a serious exercise in self-control to set aside the birthday cards and not rip them open instantly like I actually want to.  Growing up is tough stuff, you know?  And in other news, momma bear brought my desk with her to Baltimore, and I’ve now got the perfect little writing nook.  It’s bright and girly and everything that inspires me.


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