The One at the Harbor

Well, we officially get mail in Maryland.

That seems so permanent, somehow.  But things are good here.  Like really good.  We’re getting more and more comfortable navigating our suburb, and we’re venturing out into the city, finding it’s secret nooks and crannies.  We’ve started with the obvious attraction – the Inner Harbor.  Last weekend, Lisa, Marybeth and I made our way to downtown via the light-rail, where we wandered through the Inner Harbor and over to Little Italy for the St. Gabriel’s Festival.  The food, y’all.  Words don’t even suffice.  We walked five miles and probably ate five pounds of food.  So worth it.

Blog 824 a

Because last Saturday was so darn much fun, I decided to drag the tall husband with me to the Inner Harbor today so he could see for himself just how darling it is.  He’s a fan.  And he’s in love with the light-rail now.  We hung out in the touristy area of the Inner Harbor for a while, mainly because Joe likes the boats and I like the crazy people and performance artists.

Blog 824 c

We didn’t tour any of the boats – there’s a multi-pass to see all four of the big harbor boats that seems most cost efficient, so we will have to do that soon.  We also want to go back to the aquarium (it’s supposed to be really amazing) and to ride the dragon paddle boats and a water taxi.  There’s really a ton do to down at the Inner Harbor, and even more to eat.  Within two square blocks is The Cheesecake Factory, Phillip’s Seafood, The Hard Rock Cafe, PF Chang’s, Corner Bakery, and dozens of more places.  There’s also a giant candy store… (these things are important, you know?).

Blog 824 b From the Inner Harbor, we walked over to Harbor East, which is sort of sandwiched between the Inner Harbor and Little Italy.  Harbor East is a little fancier, definitely more residential than the Inner Harbor, and is also home to the largest J Crew I’ve ever set foot in/drooled over a fall line in.  I mean, really.  We meandered over to Fells Point for gelato, and stumbled across the cutest neighborhoods and streets.  Fells Point felt sort of like downtown Charlottesville, the buildings were small scale and had a homey feel.  And shoot, that was some good stracciatella.  At that point, we headed back to catch the light-rail, only to come across some cute little details and performances that make Baltimore feel like its own place and not just any other city.  It was kind of nice.

Blog 824 dI’m certain that we will be logging many more miles in the harbor area in the weeks to come, but for now we are resting our feet and catching up on American Ninja Warrior, because God loves us and we finally have cable and internet.


Have a wonderful weekend!




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