The One with Reading Material

Happy happy happy birthday to my gorgeous sister Jessica!  Hope you have the most wonderful day, sweet lady!

I’m sitting at my new favorite eatery here in Towson – Corner Bakery.  Think McAlister’s meets Panera, only way better baked goods/salads.  And the hibiscus lemonade?  Forget about it.  The manager already knows us (and asks how moving is going) and we’ve invested in their lemonade tumbler – $5 purchase then lemonade refills whenever for a dollar.  Well, a dollar and six cents with tax.  So I’m taking advantage of their free wifi and delicious lemonade while Joe coaches his first soccer practice.  I’m so proud of that tall husband of mine.  He wasn’t loving his banking job, so he went for his dreams.  There were road blocks for sure (remember that week I did nothing but online searches for apartments in Savannah?)  but boy, oh boy, the Lord has pulled through for us on this.  We relaxed.  We didn’t panic when we had to be out of our lease in a month.  And now we’re in a whole new town, with some great friendships in sight.  Our dear friend and fellow terrier, Lisa, brought us to her church this past Sunday, and to her link group last night.  I left feeling so encouraged by not only Lisa and her mom’s homemade scones, but the great new people we met.  I have seriously good vibes about this place (‘this place’ meaning both Baltimore and Corner Bakery).

And because blog changes are weird and I’m lacking inspiration for a new header image, here are some links for your browsing pleasure…

The newest season of Modern Family is always released during my birth month.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Quarters are now in high demand for our household, so we’re adopting the habit of emptying our change when we walk in the door (this will hopefully prevent Joe from running to the nearest gas station when we run out of change to dry the still wet laundry).  Our current change bowl is waterford crystal, because we’re ironic like that, but this one or this one would be really cute too.

One of my favorite bloggers (Jones Design Company) just put together a tutorial for watercolor letters, and I’m sort of in love.  Of course, if you don’t feel like busting out the paintbrush, you can download the files she’s created from her shop.

A list of books to read before they hit the big screen.  Middle school reading level for sure, but such interesting concepts and story lines.  I’m all about a good story.

A great list of posts from A Cup of Jo – How to do anything.  I don’t know about you, but I looooove lists like this.  And holy cow, homegirl has quite an extensive archive.

The Pioneer Woman is my cooking hero (aside from my mom and her mom, of course).  This post is a collection of simply the best recipes from the lady herself.  It makes me want to get my new kitchen nice and messy.

Lastly, if you can’t make it to Corner Bakery for some fresh lemmy aid, try some Sparkling ICE Lemonade instead.  I may or may not be addicted to these (hint:  I am).  They’re usually on sale at Publix.


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