The One with Changes

Changes are coming, folks!

Since I officially get mail in the state of Maryland, I figured I can’t keep pretending I’m blogging from Virginia.

Blog names are fickle things, you know? I didn’t want to tie the blog to another location (although, in my defense, we were planning on staying in Charlottesville for five years). I didn’t know how to include my name in the title without being cheesy (Kait the Great? No thanks). Being without cable and Internet for a week (with no wifi in sight for at least another week) means lots of time for brainstorming about silly blog name ideas. Morning glory sort of just came to me, and it was the only one that stuck. Mornings are my favorite time of day by far. They’re new and bright and when I do most of my writing. Joe and I got married in the morning (if it were up to me alone, we’d have gotten married at sunrise). Mornings are when I’m at my best, really.

I’m sure there will be some kinks in this little transition process, so please stick with me! And ignore weird overlaps in content and out of focus header images.


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